DR. Justine Hextall MBBS FRCP

London Dermatology Master Class 20th June 2017 Royal College of Physicians, London
Skin-related side effects from oncology therapy ;what to expect, how to manage and improve patient care and quality of life

May 11th 2017 The IV Beauty of skin : A guide to Melanoma diagnosis and Treatment
Royal College of Physicians , London

June 23rd 2016 The management of skin care for oncologists:
A Dermatologist’s Guide Royal College of Physicians, London.

July 2015 Best Practice Birmingham NEC: Management of scarring

June 2014 British association of cosmetic nurses annual conference;
A guide to facial dermatology

October 2010 A Dermatologist’s guide to skin. Aesthetic practitioners training day. Wellcome Institute London.

July 2010 Use of cleansers and moisturisers in problem skin. FACE international conference Royal College of physicians London

March 2010 Diagnosis and management of skin lupus.
Regional rheumatology training day . Chelsea and Westminster hospital
Dec 2004 Southhampton university Hospital: Management of Skin lupus and other related connective tissue disorders.

July 2004 Ten Topics in Rheumatology International conference. Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital: Management of Difficult Skin Lupus.

March 2004 Guy’s and St.Thomas’ Hospital: Intensive Care Unit Dermatology.

February 2004 St John’s institute of Dermatology Society: A Severe Drug reaction to Sulphasalazine.

November 2003 The Rayne Institute: Skin Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical Presentation Diagnosis and Management.

October 2003 The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: An Unusual case of widespread lupus vulgaris caused by Mycobacterium bovis.

July 2003 British Association of Dermatologists: The Post inflammatory cutaneous hyperreactivity syndrome.

July 2003 St.John’s institute of Dermatology-Conquest of skin: Bacterial skin infections.

November 2001 Royal Society of Medicine: A Case of Dermovate Induced Adrenal Suppression.

October 2001 St. Johns Institute of Dermatology: Management Of Toxic epidermal Necrolysis Best Practice.

July 2001 St John’s institue of Dermatology- Conquest of skin: Management of drug reactions.

July 2001 British Association of Dermatologists: A Study Looking at the Association between Dose and Exposure Time to PPD and Response.

July 2001 British Association of Dermatologists: An unusual Case of Deep infection with Scytalidium Dimidiatum.

June 2001 St. Johns Institute of Dermatology Society: A Case of cutaneous leishmaniasis.

January 2001 Royal society of medicine meeting in Dermatology: Deep mycoses in an immunosuppressed patient.

November 2000 Guys Hospital Medical Grand Round: The skin a Clinicians Guide to Underlying Disease.

June 2000 St Johns Institute of Dermatology Society: A case of Subcutaneous fat necrosis and Hypercalcaemia.

June 2000 St Johns Institute of Dermatology society: A case of Langerhans Histiocytosis.

Jan 2000 Royal Society of Medicine Meeting in Dermatology: Multiple Keratoacanthomata and Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia.

May 1999 St John’s Hospital Dermatological Society: ‘Pyoderma gangrenosum: disease association and management.

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